Our Mission

Suppose a person knew nothing about Christianity at all. Then, like the character in Cast Away, they spent three years on a deserted island alone with nothing to read but a New Testament. They read that book all the time and then, one day, they are rescued.

If you asked them upon their rescue, what ‘church’ was, do you think they would say: “It’s a place you go and enjoy the show for one hour each week and then walk out the door without speaking to anyone.”

No. They wouldn’t say that because that concept of ‘church’ is not in the New Testament.

Church is not a show. It’s a God-experience. An encounter with the living God. An encounter with love. It’s a connected body of believers powered by the Spirit of God.

In the Bible, the church moved comfortably in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they loved each other, they served each other and although the church in the New Testament was far from perfect, it was a place where God reigned.

Our Mission is to be a Spirit-powered Family Church. A place where the love of God is shared. A place where people want to go for it. A place that makes God’s Spirit known.

Don’t be an eyeball on the sidewalk

In the beginning God said it wasn’t good that man was alone. It’s still not good and yet we see so many people who have no real friends – the kind you can be honest with; the kind who will be there. The Bible uses the phrase, “one another” over 70 times in the New Testament. We really are a body of believers and each person is a part. If you walked outside and saw an eyeball on the sidewalk you would know something wasn’t right. You don’t need a medical degree to understand that an eye is supposed to be connected to a body. We are called the body of Christ, not the body parts of Christ. We do our best to create ‘one another’ relationships.

Spirit Friendly

God our Father is always good, Jesus is always good and the Holy Spirit is always good. And Jesus said the Holy Spirit would lead and guide us these days and so we let the Spirit of God lead. God is spirit and so are we. Our services have purpose, but not rigid structure. We set the table and God picks the meal. The purpose of our worship is Presence, not performance. We sing worship songs from many generations and like the Apostles Paul, Peter, James, John and Jesus’ mom, we allow the Spirit of God to pray through us. It’s who we are.

If You’re Going to Walk on Water, Why Not Dance?

Active, living faith is a great adventure and adds the true spice to life. We would rather be wet water walkers than dry boat sitters. We preach faith, we live by faith and we learn to know God more as we trust in Him completely.

We Exist So People ‘Get It’

People these days don’t ‘Get it’. They don’t get that you go to church. They don’t get that you believe. They don’t get that God is real and they don’t get why we pray in the Spirit. We want people to get it. Many understand salvation but they don’t ‘get’ the Spirit of God. They don’t get the message of faith. They don’t get why we can be happy when times are tough, they don’t get why people in this church really get along with each other. And so we want to help people ‘Get it’. We hope you come here and see it, experience it, catch it and then help others get it!

Loving God

Loving People

Loving Truth